Learning Arduino through Paperbots

Each year at IPM the course: TMM4150 Machine design and Mechatronics are taught. It is a basic introduction to mechatronic methodology, sensortechnology, actuators, Arduino etc. Basically the foundation of any maker, who wants to build more functional, mechanical or even “smart” prototypes.

The course starts with a simple challenge: Build a robot out of paper. The constraints are using Arduinos, at least two different sensors as input and let them result in some kind of output.

It is always very entertaining to attend the Expo of this introduction challenge in I will here provide the curious reader with a few of the projects from this years challenge. Have in mind that the students only have had semi to none experience with programming and mechatronics beforehand.

One of my favourites were the intelligent sunglasses automatically getting activated when the sun is shinning (see video above:)).

If you think these paperbots are fun and you wonder how far you would manage to go in two weeks of arduino I strongly engourage you to buy the Arduino starter kit end start exploring.