Something New and Something Old

I could tell about a lot of nice new experiences since I moved to Trondheim this Tuesday. The population size, the university, the new colleagues, but when it comes to prototyping and challenging what could be I’ve chosen to show you my new “home”.

It is an old building from the 1800 that was rebuild by a Norwegian architect and his wife who is an antiquarian. It is inspiring to see how the couple have kept the old appearence, but at the same time added new modern details to the buildings.

So the reason why I’ve chosen to show you these pictures is because they represent a lot about the mindset of prototyping. A combination of testing how new and old can be combined. When I come home from work August is always in the workshop improving something or building something new. His attitude towards the world has already inspired me in the way of being a maker rather than an observer. To be aware of that you can actually shape the world your self.

My roommate that I live with is a bit like him – but on the other hand not at all. His name is Remy and is the most social and funny person one could wish for as a roommate in a new city.

Remy the Roomie
Remy the Roomie

Originally he is a really good photographer. Then one day he got this idea of creating a solution for more integrated services in the health care sector. Now he has a company that creates digital solutions that allows health care workers to easily share information such as pictures and videos in high resolution between people at the incident and in the emergency rooms – in the end to safe time and thereby lifes!

So I guess the moral of this first blog post is that it is never too late to rethink the existing whether it comes to products or personal development – when was the last time you challenged the current situation?



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