Guest blog from Radicand Lab – Jared Ostdiek

Jared is currently a summer intern at the cool prototyping workshop Radicand. In this blog post he will, through 4 questions, give you his view of designing radical new innovations and the role of prototyping in this process.

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Background: Mechanical Engineer from Stanford


1. What excites you at the moment? This June, I signed on to join the Radicand team as a summer intern. Radicand is Redwood City, CA based company that specializes in prototyping for startup companies. Through effective prototyping, Radicand turns ideas into products at lightning speed. I find building functional, high-resolution prototypes most enjoyable.

Functional prototypes are Jareds personal favourites. At Radicand these often involve everything from at-hand packaging to advanced mechatronic details as well.
Functional prototypes are Jared’s personal favourites. At Radicand these often involve everything from at-hand packaging to advanced mechatronic details as well.

Radicand is like a prototyping Wonka’s Chocolate Factory, and I am like Augustus Gloop.

One of the most interesting projects at Radicand at the moment is a start-up creating polished, blood-transport cooler. The company focused on developing the software for the project and tasked Radicand with creating a convincing prototype of the product to pitch to investors.

By the way, I’m also working on up-ing our social media game – go follow us on Twitter @RadicandLab, Instagram and facebook!

2. Which key question to ask when designing radical new solutions? First of all;

…regardless of the genre, I like to begin a challenge by asking the following question, “What is the ultimate goal of project?”

Understanding the desired outcome allows you to find ways to make it happen. Approaching projects in this way can lead to solutions that redesign entire systems instead of just incrementally improving currently insisting technology.

3. What is the value of prototyping? Solving problems in new ways also means having to deal with new challenges that aren’t quickly solved with a Google search.

It is similar to creating a new recipe. No matter how much spice compatibility is researched, the only way to know its deliciousness is to whip it up, taste it, and see if it was the flavor your were looking for – i.e. prototype it!

The value of prototyping is to quickly determine and address failure modes before the product is “served” to the end-user. For example, five different thermometer attachment methods were tested before an acceptable response time was achieved in the blood-transport cooler project.

4. What are your 5 favorite tools for prototyping?