Prototyping has always inspired me when it comes to developing new ideas and concepts. However I see prototyping more than just a product development tool. It is a mindset focussing on a curious approach to life that seeks new possibilities and challenges the current situation. This blog will focus on different domains in prototyping and be closely connected with design thinking and user involving activities in industries of all kind. 

Hello World; My name is Matilde. Im a Design Engineer from Denmark, but is at the moment doing a Ph.D. on Extreme Prototypes in the early Fuzzy-Front-End at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Trondheim. Here you can find some of my previous work

Me facilitating a prototyping workshop

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  1. Miriam Ortwed
    10. september 2015

    Jaaaa…….jeg står stadig og venter på Dr. Louises bro…har stået her siden august…det begynder at blive en smule koldt 😉

    Haha, der fik vi vist begge lidt travlt. Vi må se om det kan blive til en skypedate en dag?

    fin blog. Selektivt post-udvalg 😉 Og lækkert smil!

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